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Twist and Shout
Twist and Shout Calamity Priscilla.jpg
Doc saying that Peck should get a hero's medal
Season: 1
Production code: 111a[1]
Broadcast number: 21[2]
Written by:
Joe Ansolabehere
Storyboards by:
Rossen Rarbanov
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
January 31, 2014[1]
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Calamity Priscilla"
You hear that, Clementine? They think I look good. But you and I know the truth. I look like a big old liar.

— Deputy Peck

When a spaghetti twister storms through town, Peck is mistaken for a hero and gets swept up in the praise of the townsfolk.[3]

Episode Summary

The episode starts on Callie who is demonstrating the warning bell that Mr. Dillo created. Peck says that if Nice and Friendly Corners is much safer than is, the town won't need a deputy's help. Him and Clementine ride out into the desert where they find a spaghetti whirlwind. Clementine manages to ring the warning bell.

Back in Nice and Friendly Corners, Callie finds the spaghetti twister and tells everyone to hide from it. After the twister rolls back out of town, everyone wonders who rang the warning bell, and think that Peck did even though that was Clementine. Peck gets praised as hero and Doc says that Peck should get a medal. Ella asks how the bell rang but ended up on Peck, so Peck says that the rope broke and blew away, and then he took off one of Clementine's horseshoes and threw it at the bell, and then the bell broke off the pole, and ended on top of Peck. After the Prairie Dogs sing, Clementine shows Callie that she still has all her horseshoes, making Callie seem skeptical since Peck says he used one of her horseshoes. Callie offers to put Dillo's bell back up, and Callie tells Mr. Dillo that she thinks Peck made up the story.

In Ella's Saloon, Peck tells everybody that the twister sucked him higher and higher, and that he was able to ring the bell. Doc says that Peck should get a bigger medal, and Callie uses that plan to teach Peck a lesson. Peck walks around with a heavy medal, and everyone refers to him as "hero". Peck sings the song I Wish I'd Never Lied (Hero Song). Peck decides to throw his medal away, and into Can't Find It Canyon. The spaghetti twister storms through again and this time, Peck's the one who rings the warning bell. Peck admits that the first time, Clementine was the one who rang it. But that the second time, he rung it. Peck learns a lesson that the truth is better than a lie.


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  • I Wish I'd Never Lied (Hero Song)


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Memorable Quotes

Peck: Well, uh... because...

Doc: Well, maybe the rope broke and blew away!
Peck: Y-Yeah, that's what happened. The... The rope blew away!
(everyone gasps; Peck gulps)
Peck: So then I, uh, I pried off one of Clementine's horseshoes with my bare hands! And... and threw it! It hit that bell so hard, it... It broke off the pole and fell on top of me, ringing like crazy!

Ella: I don't understand. We saw the bell on your head.

Peck: But I didn't ring it the first time. Clementine did.


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