Sheriff Callie

Sheriff Callie
Full Name




Resides in

Sheriff Callie's Wild West


Peck, Toby, Wild West members


The train bandits, Billy Goat the Kid

Animal Character

Calico cat


not confirmed!! but i would guess she would be around 20 tho.

First Episode

Horseshoe Peck

Voiced By

Mandy Moore

Sheriff Callie is a cat. She is the tomboyishly beautiful sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners who is always ready to lend a hand, with Peck is her deputy. She is also the main protagonist of the series. Callie lives in the small western town, Nice and Friendly Corners, with her horse Sparky. Callie, with her friends Deputy Peck and Toby, protects its citizens and saves the town from outlaws and any other dangers.

Personality and Appearance

Like stated in the title sequence, Callie is the best sheriff in the Wild West. In addition to her beauty, she is also very kind and friendly to the citizens of the town, showing beauty from inside and out. Because of being a kind sheriff, she is willing to help others no matter what, even bandits. Sometimes, when she sings, she plays her favorite guitar, Sweet Strings. Also, she aims keeps the town friendly and does "purty" well. In any case of trouble, she is on her way to fix it.

Sheriff Callie wears a pink cowgirl hat with matching boots, a brown vest with a sheriff's badge on the left side, blue jeans and a pink bandanna around her neck and a brown belt with a yellow oval shaped buckle with two horseshoes on it. She has orange, white and black fur, as well as green eyes. In season 2, her hat is a little darker in color tone and stripe on the bump is darker, but different color. More changes to note in her season 2 appearance are that Callie's green eyes are light green, her blue jeans are light blue, her vest moves more freely, and her pink boots have grey point ends and magenta heels. Her tail sticks behind and sways a lot.


Lines that Sheriff Callie says may be viewed here.


She first appeared in Horseshoe Peck when Peck was bragging and boasting when she teaches Peck a lesson about being a good sport.


  • Her name Callie is wordplay on calico cat.
  • When the show was in the development stage, it was titled Oki's Oasis, implying her name likely would have been Oki.
  • Callie named her guitar Sweet Strings, and mentions that her mother gave it to her when she was still a kitten, implying that she has played it for a long time. Adding to her musical skills, she is shown to have the ability to out-sing music bandits.
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