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Peck's Darling Clementine
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The grasshopper shows Deputy Peck the world's fastest mule.
Season: 1
Production code: 107a[1]
Broadcast number: 19
Written by:
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
January 30, 2014
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Lasso Come Home"
Sheriff Callie, come quack! I mean, quick!

— Doc Quackers

Peck's beloved mule, Clementine comes to his rescue.

Episode Summary

When Doc asks Callie to find Tio's lucky hat, Peck decides to help, but when he arrives to help, he is late because Callie already found Tio's hat! A female bunny comes by and says that Buster (her brother) is stuck in a tree. Peck is ALSO late when he arrives to help Buster get down from the tree! Peck is sick of Clementine getting him late! Peck tells Clementine that he wishes she can go faster. Peck meets a grasshopper that will give him the fastest horse, Lickety Split, for a, quotum quote, "low low price" of $100. When Peck tells the grasshopper that he does not have $100, the grasshopper changes the price to $5 and Clementine. When Peck decides he does not want to give up Clementine just to get places fast, the grasshopper decides to have Peck try Lickety Split and THEN decide. When Ella offers free milkshakes, Peck is excited about that and the prairie dogs sing a song that occasionally gets interrupted by Peck. Callie immediately goes to the river to help Dirty Dan back on land. Callie also needs to help Dusty since Dusty is hanging on a branch. The grasshopper's name turns out to be Mr. Slick Eddy when Peck tells him that the deal of buying Lickety Split is off. Peck also learns that fast isn't always perfect.


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  • Characters introduced: Lickety Split, Mr. Slick Eddy
  • Tio's last name is revealed in this episode when Doc says "Tio Tortuga lost his lucky hat and won't play checkers until he finds it".
  • Peck reveals Clementine's gender in this episode when he says "She and I have been together for a long time. We're a team".
  • Sheriff Callie helping Dirty Dan at the river is also in the What's a Sheriff? video.

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