Moustache Toby
Moustache Toby
Toby with his mustache inside the barn
Season: 1
Production code: 122a[1]
Broadcast number: 39
Written by:
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
Disney Channel US Premiere: June 20, 2014 at 9:00pm
Disney Junior US Premiere: June 20, 2014 at 8:15pm
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Doc's Cheatin' Chili"
Oh, that's Moustache Toby now, Ella. The roughest, toughest cactus in the West.

— Toby

Toby learns a lesson about trying to be someone he's not after getting into trouble while sporting a fake moustache in the hopes of looking like a rough and tough cowboy.

Episode Summary

Toby puts on a mustache to be like his hero, Sagebrush Sam. With Toby with his mustache, problems happen such as him not being able to drink milk. But he never refuses to take off his mustache, ruining the mechanical bull riding event.[2]


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  • This episode was aired as standalone broadcast shown separated from Doc's Cheatin' Chili starting June 25, 2015.[3]


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