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This is a list of episodes of Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Full episodes of Sheriff Callie's Wild West are usually 24 minutes long.

Season 1

Volume 1

These are the episodes found in the first volume of Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

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Title Description Production Code
1 1 Horseshoe Peck Peck is a natural at horseshoes but all of his winning leads him to become a bad sport. 101a
Callie's Gold Nugget Sheriff Callie finds a gold nugget and wants to use it to fix a bridge. 101b
2 2 Train Bandits Train Bandits interrupt a train ride on Sheriff Callie's trip to Junctionville for a Sheriff's Contest. 115a
A Dirty Dusty Apology Dirty Dan and Dusty fight over which path has iron in the mines. 115b
3 3 Tricky Trouble A traveling salesman named Tricky Travis comes to town to sell "Make Ya Strong" shirts. 108a
Toby's Untrue Achoo! Toby fakes sick to get extra attention to show his cactus dance. 108b
4 4 Stagecoach Stand-Ins Peck and Toby volunteer to drive a stagecoach across the Scary Prairie, but they drive off without the most important piece of cargo. 119a
Gold Mine Mix-Up When Dirty Dan reminds Uncle Bun to tell Dusty that there's no gold in Tricky Mine, Uncle Bun tells Dusty that there IS gold in Tricky Mine. 119b
5 5 The Pesky Kangaroo Rat Sheriff Callie has to catch a kangaroo rat that is causing lots of trouble in Nice and Friendly Corners. 114a
Cattle Overdrive When Callie tells Peck and Toby to stay on the trail during the cattle drive, they decide to take a shortcut, where things get awry. 114b
6 6 Sparky's Rival Sparky has a new rival when a brand new, very fast steam locomotive comes to town. 116a
Jail Crazy When Peck is being Callie's substitute sheriff, he makes strict laws and puts all the Nice and Friendly Corners residents in jail. 116b
7 7 Toby Gets Nosy Toby gets a big bump on his nose right before the first-ever town picture. 102a
Peck Takes it Back Peck calls Toby a pinecone when he spills milk all over the clean jailhouse floor. 102b
8 8 Sparky's Lucky Day Sparky slips and loses his confidence right before a big barrel race. 103a
Peck's Bent Beak Peck's beak gets bent after eating a biscuit and Dr. Wolf is a dentist looking to fix it. But the townsfolk thinks of Dr. Wolf as an enemy and mistakes him for a guy that is trying to hurt Peck. 103b
9 9 Toby the Cowsitter Toby earns money for milkshakes by starting a cow-sitting business. 105a
Callie's Blue Jay Blues Sheriff Callie and Farmer Stinky must stop a pair of two blue jay brothers from stealing Farmer Stinky's corn during the annual festival. 105b
10 10 Peck's Darling Clementine Peck is tired of getting places too late because of his slow mule, Clementine. 107a
Lasso Come Home Description needed. 107b
11 11 Twist and Shout Peck is mistakenly praised as a hero after a spaghetti twister storms through Nice and Friendly Corners. 111a
Calamity Priscilla Description needed. 111b
12 12 King Stinky Farmer Stinky's friends shower him with favors to get some of his rare Prairie Peppers. 112a
Abigail's Extra Big Story Abigail can't think of a newspaper story so she makes up a fake story in the news. 112b

Volume 2

These are the episodes found in the second volume of Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

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Title Description Production Code
13 13 Horsefeathers Peck and Toby want to teach Clementine to fly after she gets feathers stuck to her. 117a
My Brother's Sleeper The town Nice and Friendly Corners is having an annual bed race. 117b
14 14 Callie Asks for Help When Sheriff Callie races back and fourth to help the townsfolk, she finds herself stuck in a canyon. 104a
Peck's Trail Mix Mix-Up Peck blames people for him accidentally losing his trail mix. 104b
15 15 Priscilla's Lost Love Bird Sheriff Callie and Deputy Peck ride out into the desert to rescue one of Priscilla's beautiful-voiced Love Birds. 106a
Callie's Cowgirl Twirl Sheriff Callie accidentally gets a can stuck to her foot. 106b
16 16 The Pie Thief When Priscilla eats the pies meant for a bake off competition, she blames the missing pies on a pie thief. 120a
Fool for Gold Uncle Bun finds a gold nugget but later, he learns from Dirty and Dusty that it's fool's gold and becomes too afraid to admit it because he doesn't to feel like a fool himself. 120b
17 17 Peck and Toby's Big Yarn Peck and Toby accidentally unravel a blanket that Callie's knitting and try to knit one themselves, but with disastrous results 109a
My Fair Stinky When Farmer Stinky gets extremely stinky during one of Priscilla's meetings, Priscilla turns him into a true gentleman. But things aren't the same without the old Stinky 109b
18 18 Parroting Pedro Parrotin' Pedro won't stop copying everything that Peck says. 121a
Toby Gets the Scoop Toby wants to find an interesting story to put in the newspaper. Unfortunately, his curiosity gets the best of him and it nearly puts him in danger. 121b
19 19 Here Comes the Sun When Peck and Toby lasso the sun to stop nighttime noises, they cause more problems than they solve. 113a
Bug Trouble Berry-biting bugs are threatening to eat Farmer Stinky's rutaberries. Unfortunately, the town starts to bicker about how to pick the rutaberries 113b
20 20 Moustache Toby Toby thinks his new moustache makes him rough and tough, but it might ruin the mechanical bull riding event. 122a
Doc's Cheatin' Chili Doc steals Tio's peppers to cheat and try to make his own chili better, but it results in a mess. 122b
21 21 The Prickly Pair On the day of Toby and Peck's big best buddy fishing trip, Toby meets Polly May Porcupine and the two instantly bond over being "prickly," leaving Peck feeling left out. 123a
Crystal Cave Caper Dirty Dan and Dusty learn that help can sometimes come from the ones you least expect after being rescued by Sheriff Callie and an unlikely new friend. 123b
22 22 Hike to Wish Mountain When Peck goes the wrong way on a hike up Wish Mountain, he puts the townsfolk in trouble. 118a
Rhymin' Rodeo Mr. Dillo has a poem for the Rhymin' Rodeo, but is scared to speak in front of the town. 118b