(Open up on Peck, Toby, Callie, Sparky, and Uncle Bun and Tio playing checkers in the corner)
Toby: Sheriff Callie! Sheriff Callie! I got some apples for Sparky just like ya asked. Oof! (He accidentally throws the apples into the sky. Callie catches the apples with her noodle lasso.)
(townsfolk gasp)
Toby: Whoa.
Callie: Here you go, Sparky.
Sparky: (neighs)
Peck: You all right there, Toby?
Toby: (to Peck) I'm fine. But did you see what Sheriff Callie did? That was amazin' lassoin'! (to Callie) Sheriff, could you do some more of your fancy rope tricks?
Callie: I reckon I have time for a twirl. (she twirls the lasso)

Toby: Yee-haw!

Peck: (cheers)

Peck: Go get 'em, Sheriff!
(Sheriff Callie does more of her lasso tricks)
(townsfolk laugh)
Buster: Look! It's a bunny!
Toby: (laughs)
(townsfolk cheer)
Toby: Wow! I wish I could do tricks like that!
(Song: Wish I Could Do Tricks Like That)
Toby: Presto change-o quicker than quick
It's an eye-poppin' showstoppin' lasso trick

That lasso can fly, that lasso can sing
(townsfolk cheer)
Toby: That lasso can do most anything
Townsfolk: That lasso can do most anything

Look at it spin
Callie: (laughs)
Townsfolk: Look at it go
That whirlin' swirlin' noodle lasso

Peck: Bendin'!
Tio: Twistin'!
Uncle Bun: Curlin'!
Peck, Tio, and Uncle Bun: Flat!
Toby: Wish I could do tricks like that
Wish I could do tricks like that

And, oh, how much fun would it be
Peck: Huh?
Toby: If the guy doin' all those lasso tricks was me?

Townsfolk: Look at it spin
Peck: Woo-hoo!
Townsfolk: Look at it go
Priscilla: Whoo!
Townsfolk: That whirlin' swirlin' noodle lasso
Ella: (accidentally throws her plate in the air) Oh!
Townsfolk: Bendin', twistin', curling, flat
Toby: Wish I could do tricks like that
Wish I could do tricks like that

(townsfolk cheer)
Ella: That was amazing!
Callie: Aw, shucks, pardners. It was nothin'.
Toby: Boy, Sheriff. I sure wish I had a noodle lasso that could do tricks like that.
Callie: It's not the lasso that does the tricks, Toby. It's the twirler. Someone taught me how to do those things.
Toby: All of 'em?
Callie: Yep. And then I practiced till I got good.
Toby: Really good.
Callie: If you'd like, I'd be happy to teach a couple of tricks to you.
Toby: (gasps) You mean it, Sheriff?
Callie: Sure enough. Come on!
The Prairie Dogs: She'll teach him a trick or two

(cut to the desert)
(Sheriff Callie is twirling the lasso)
Toby: (laughs) Yippee! Yay! Okay, Sheriff Callie. Let's start twirlin'!
Callie: (chuckles) Hold on there, Toby. Not so fast. You're not ready to handle a lasso like mine just yet.
Toby: Oh, I'm ready. I'm more than ready.
Callie: (chuckles) I appreciate you bein' an eager beaver, but you gotta learn the basics first.
Toby: (gasps; sees that the lasso is small and sighs)
Callie: It's the lasso I started on when I was a kitten.
Toby: A macaroni lasso? That's for babies.
Callie: (chuckles) Not babies. Beginners. Like you. Now, come on. Let's get started.
Toby: Okay.
Callie: First thing you wanna do is twirl yer lasso like a tornado. (makes a tornado with her lasso)
Toby: Just twirl? Anybody can do that. (he attempts to twirl; gasps) Whoops.
Callie: (chuckles) That's a start. Then, once you've got the lasso twirlin' again, you throw it like you're goin' fishin'. (throws her lasso) Now, you try it. Start twirlin' like a tornado. (she throws her hat as Toby prepares his lasso) Now, go fishin'!
Toby: (ties himself up with the macaroni lasso and grunts)
Callie: Well, at least ya caught somethin'. (hangs up her noodle lasso) Here, let me help ya.
Toby: (Sheriff Callie unties him) Whoa-oh-oh-oa!
Peck: Sheriff Callie! Uncle Bun lost his keys!
Callie: Again? Sorry, Toby, it looks like our lasso lesson'll have to wait. But I'll be back quicker than a yard bird can yodel.
Peck: Wait for me, Sheriff. I'm a-comin' too on account of I'm the deputy.
Sparky: (neighs)
Peck: Giddy-up, Clementine!
Callie: (chuckles) It's okay, Peck. Clementine needs her sleep. I got this one covered. Keep practicin', Toby.
Sparky: (neighs)
(Toby is swinging the macaroni lasso but accidentally throws it at Peck)
Toby: Whoops.
Peck: Hey! Watch it!
Toby: Sorry, Peck. This baby lasso is nothin' but trouble.
Peck: Well, you can't very well learn tricks with an uncooperatin' lasso. (notices the noodle lasso) Oh, but there's the Sheriff's. Why dontcha use her's?
Toby: It sure would make learnin' tricks a lot easier. But... Okay. I reckon I will.
The Prairie Dogs: Toby is impatient
He wants to learn real quick
He'd rather take a shortcut
Than practice doin' the trick
Toby: Okay, Peck. Now you're really gonna see somethin'! (he swings the lasso, but after a few seconds, it lands back on his head)
Peck: That's a whole lotta noodle.
Toby: I guess I just gotta show it who's boss. Yee-haw! (swings the lasso) (noodle lasso turns into an anchor and Toby lands in a haystack) Whoa! (sputters; spits) I just don't get it. Why won't Sheriff Callie's lasso work for me like it does for her? (scoffs)

(cut to Nice and Friendly Corners)
(laughing nearby)
Callie: Okay, Uncle Bun, now where were you the last time you saw your keys?
Uncle Bun: I was right here behind the counter, puttin' cans of pickled peaches up here on the shelf. You know, we got a two-for-one special on pickled peaches today. They're right tasty with a side of buttered beets.
Callie: That is a good deal. But after you put the cans away, where'd you go next?
Uncle Bun: Well, um, I, mmh... Good question.

(cut back to the desert)
Toby: I know what the problem is. The trick I was tryin' to do was too easy for this fancy noodle lasso. I'll do the apple jugglin' like Sheriff Callie did before.
Peck: Well, I don't see any apples, but how 'bout these tomatoes?
Toby: Close enough. Okay, you throw 'em up in the air, then I'll make the noodle do the big hand and start jugglin'.
Peck: You got it. Ready?
Toby: Ready!
(Peck throws the tomatoes and Toby grabs a bird with the lasso. The bird screeches.)
Peck: (grunts) I think the jugglin' trick still needs a little work. Toby? Where'd you run off to?
Toby: (being carried by a bird) Help! (bird screeches) Whoa!
Peck: (gasps) Don't worry, buddy! I'll save ya! (Clementine is still snoring) Come on, Clementine, wake up! (Clementine still snoring) I mean it, Clementine. Wake up! (grunts and tries to wake up Clementine) (sputters)
Toby: Peck!
Peck: Oh, forget it. I'm comin', Toby! I'm comin'! (runs out of the pit to save Toby)
Toby: Whoa!
Peck: Hang in there, buddy.
Toby: Whoa!
Peck: I'll save ya!
Toby: Whoa!
(bird screeches)
Toby: (whimpers)
(bird screeches)
Toby: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

(cut to Callie and Uncle Bun)
Uncle Bun: And then, I came out here to move the cracker barrel...

(cut to Peck and Toby)
Peck: That's it! A little lower! (grunts and falls on the ground)
Toby: Whoa! Whoa!
Callie: What in whiskers?
Sparky: (whinnies)
Callie: (gasps) It's Toby!
Toby: HELP!!!
Callie: Hangin' from my noodle lasso? (hops on Sparky)
Sparky: (neighs)
Uncle Bun: (realizes his keys making a clinking sound) Well, whaddya know? My keys!

(cut to another part of the desert)
Toby: (hanging from a bird) Help! (Callie and Peck catch up to him) Whoa! Help me, Sheriff!
Callie: That's what I'm aimin' to do.
Toby: Whoa!
Callie: Almost...
(bird screeches and carries Toby away)

(cut to Toby)
Toby: Howdy, birdy.
(bird coos and squawks)

(cut to Sheriff Callie and Sparky)
Callie: My noodle lasso sure would come in handy right about now. Guess those vines will have to do.

(cut to Toby)
Toby: (he hurts the bird with his prickles and the bird screeches) Sorry! Didn't mean to poke ya. (The bird squawks and he grunts. He falls off the nest and yells.)
Callie: Don't worry, Toby! I'll catch ya!
Sparky: (neighs)
(camera zooms out and we see Toby yelling)
Toby: Whoa!!! (Callie grabs him with the lasso and he grunts)
Callie: Gotcha!
Toby: Whoa! (panting) Thanks, Sheriff. I thought I was a goner.
Peck: Toby! You're okay. Thank goodness. But where's the sheriff's lasso?
(the bird squawks and drops the lasso on Peck's head)
Peck: Found it!
Toby: That was amazin'. But, how'd you save me with this, Sheriff?
Peck: Yeah. It's just a vine.
Callie: Oh, fellas, like I told you before. It's not the lasso that does the tricks, it's the twirler. The real trick is having patience to learn to do it right.
Toby: You think you could give this here cactus another chance at learnin'? I'm willing to go slow.
Callie: Well, in that case, you bet!
The Prairie Dogs: He's willin'
He's willin'
To... Go... Slow

(cut back to the desert)
(Clementine is still snoring)
Callie: Okay. You got your tornado twirlin'. Ready to go fishin'?
Toby: Ready! (he does the lasso trick perfectly)
Peck: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Toby: Yee-haw!
Peck: Toby. You did it.
Toby: I did. Didn't I?
Callie: And there's no better way to celebrate than a nice, cool bottle of sarsaparilla.
Toby: (drinks and slurps the bottle of sarsaparilla; sighs) Now that's a good trick.