Lasso Come Home
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Sparky, Clementine, Callie, and Toby at the barn
Season: 1
Production code: 107b[1]
Broadcast number: 20
Written by:
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Disney US Premiere:
January 30, 2014
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Peck's Darling Clementine"
Well, whaddya know? My keys!

— Uncle Bun, having found his keys

Toby learns a lesson in patience when Callie offers to help him learn how to rope.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Toby telling Callie that he has some apples for Sparky. Callie does some lassoing tricks, though making Toby jealous, and making him apart of a song that plays about Sheriff Callie's lasso tricks. Callie says that she would like to teach Toby a few tricks.

Somewhere in the desert, Callie is giving Toby lasso lessons. Callie shows Toby a macaroni lasso and Toby says that that's for babies. Callie says that it's not for babies. It's for beginners. Callie tells Toby to start off by twirling the lasso like a tornado. And then to go fishing with the lasso. Peck comes over to warn Callie that Uncle Bun lost his keys again (first time in Peck Takes it Back). When Toby has trouble with the macaroni lasso, he switches out with Callie's noodle lasso.

Back at Nice and Friendly Corners, Callie is helping Uncle Bun find his keys. Uncle Bun is having a two-for-one special on pickled peaches and Callie asks him where he previously saw his keys.

Back at the desert, Toby thinks that the trick he was trying to do is too easy for the noodle lasso and decides to juggle apples. Peck finds no apples but they decide to use tomatoes. When Peck throws the tomatoes into the air, instead of Toby grabbing the tomatoes, he grabs onto a bird.

Back at Nice and Friendly Corners, Callie sees what's going on and says "What in whiskers?". She can't believe it when she sees Toby hanging from her noodle lasso. Uncle Bun hears his keys making noises in his pocket and says "What do you know? My keys!".

Deep in the desert, Toby is heard shouting "HELP!!!". When Callie decides to save Toby with her noodle lasso, she realizes she does not have her noodle lasso so she decides to use the vines as a lasso.

Back at the barn, Callie is teaching Toby lasso tricks. After Toby is finished fishing for the bottle of sarsaparilla with his macaroni lasso, he celebrates by drinking the whole bottle. Ending the episode, he says "Now, that's a good trick".


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Memorable Quotes

Callie: It's not the lasso that does the tricks, Toby. It's the twirler. Someone taught me how to do those things.

Toby: All of 'em?
Callie: Yep. And then I practiced 'till I got good.
Toby: Really good.

Callie: I appreciate you being an eager beaver, but you gotta learn the basics first. Here, use this.

Toby: (gasps) (realizes the lasso is just a piece of macaroni; sighs)
Callie: It's the lasso I started on when I was a kitten.
Toby: A macaroni lasso? That's for babies.


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