Peck and Toby want to convince everyone that Clementine is the first flying mule!
Season: 1
Production code: 117a
Broadcast number: 25
Written by:
Kent Redeker
Storyboards by:
Gaelle Beerens
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
February 4, 2014[1]
International Debut:
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Paired with
"My Brother's Sleeper"
Hey. Who turned out the lights?

— Deputy Peck

When feathers stick to Clementine, Peck and Toby think she's part bird and try to teach her to fly.

Episode Summary

The episode starts off on Uncle Bun looking at his wagon. Peck and Toby come over and ask Uncle Bun if he has any birdseed. Clementine eats the birdseed. Peck asks Uncle Bun if he can get an apple for Clementine, but the apples roll away. When Toby pokes one of Uncle Bun's horses with his prickles, the wagon goes wild.

Callie goes to see what's going on. She helps Uncle Bun stop the wagon. Then, Uncle Bun notices the mess that happened while Sheriff Callie was helping stop the wagon. Peck and Toby offer to clean up the town. Peck and Toby quickly get surprised when they find Clementine have feathers on her. Peck and Toby come in to the milk saloon to tell everyone about Clementine becoming the first flying mule. They sing a song about Clementine becoming the first flying mule. But when Peck asks Clementine to fly and Clementine can't, the town becomes skeptical of Clementine being a flying mule. Peck tells the town that all Clementine needs is practice.

The first test is for Clementine to jump a broom. She succeeds at it when she jumps the broom. The second test is for Clementine to jump with springs on her feet. She bounces around town. The third test is for Clementine to be used to being up high. Peck and Toby put balloons on Clementine to try to make her used to being up high. When Peck and Toby put balloons on Clementine, they have gone overboard and Clementine gets stuck on a train.

Back at Nice and Friendly Corners, Callie has fixed Uncle Bun's wagon, and Peck and Toby come over to tell Callie about Clementine being stuck on a train. Callie fixes this problem by putting a haystack where Clementine was landing. Peck and Toby find out that Clementine wasn't really turning into a flying mule and that the feathers were stuck on her with molasses.


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Sung by The Prairie Dogs

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