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Here Comes the Sun
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Peck and Toby are tied together!
Season: 1
Production code: 113a
Broadcast number: 37
Written by:
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
June 6, 2014[1]
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Bug Trouble"
The moon is melting!

— Toby

While on a campout, Peck and Toby lasso the sun to stop the spooky nighttime noises and set off a ripple effect of problems.

Episode Summary

Callie tells Peck and Toby some nighttime story about a Ghost Wagon but when the three sleep, Peck and Toby are afraid of nighttime noises so they borrow Callie's noodle lasso to lasso the sun and restore daytime. But when it becomes hot again, the town has to deal with the sun making it 100 degrees and Callie attempts to get the day back with a rain cloud but it gets melted. Peck and Toby decide to bring the moon back, it's starts to melt blue cheese. Peck and Toby finally decided to tell Sheriff Callie what they did and she scolds them for trying to fix a mistake by making another mistake. When Peck and Toby apologize, Callie forgives them and finally makes it night again and Peck and Toby start thinking of nighttime noises as peaceful sleepy noises.


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