(Opens up on the dirty and dusty brothers)
Dirty Dan: This is so excitin'! I'm gonna let you tell 'em, Dusty.
Dusty: No, Dirty Dan. I'm gonna let you tell 'em!

(cut to the inside of the house where the townsfolk are)
Dirty Dan and Dusty: He found it!
All: (gasping and talking)
Priscilla: What do you mean?
Peck: What?
Toby: Huh?
Uncle Bun: Who found what?
Dirty Dan: Grimy Gus! He found gold! A whole tunnel full! And now he's rich!
Dusty: You don't mind if we grab a few more mining supplies, do ya, Uncle Bun?
Uncle Bun: Of course not.
Dusty: Thanks!
Dirty Dan: Bye!
Priscilla: A tunnel full of gold. Imagine that.
Toby: Yeah. If I had a tunnel full of gold, I'd, I'd... I don't know what I'd do.
Peck: I'd buy me a new broom for every day of the week.
Priscilla: I'd open my own flower shop and fill it with pretty pink flowers.
Tio: I think I would get myself a nice chair, just like this one.
Toby: What would you buy, Uncle Bun, if you had all that gold?
Uncle Bun: Oh, I wouldn't buy anything. I'd just move to the big city.
All except Bun: The big city?
Uncle Bun: Well, don't get me wrong. I love Nice and Friendly Corners. But from what I hear, the big city's a mighty special place.
(Song: Big City)
Uncle Bun: I'd love to wander
Way over yonder
To the great big city
Where the bright lights shine
Where the sun rises
On a world of surprises
That great big city
Sure looks so fine


I'd like to be
Where there's lots to do and see
The great big city is mighty busy
That's the place for me
The great big city for me

Think of the folks
I'd meet and greet
Riding that carriage
Down a big wide street
Dancing like the folks there do
Where the hustle and the bustle
Is all brand new

All: We'd like to be
Where there's lots to do and see
Oh, the great big city is mighty busy
That's the place, that's the place
That's the place to be

Uncle Bun: The great big city for me