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Callie's Gold Nugget
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Sheriff Callie saves Toby when he's a few seconds away from falling off the bridge
Season: 1
Production code: 101b
Broadcast number: 2
Written by:
Krista Tucker
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
January 20, 2014[1]
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Horseshoe Peck[2]"
Happy to oblige, Sheriff Callie.

— Deputy Peck

When Peck and Toby accidentally lose Sheriff Callie's gold nugget, Peck makes up a series of lies and finally learns that honesty is the best policy.

Episode Summary

When the Wild West people are attempting to search for gold, it takes a long time. They found a gold fish they immediately throw in the water. But when Callie finds a gold nugget, she's amazed. Then, they bring it to the store to see how much they would get paid so Callie can buy something special that's expensive. When Toby walks across the bridge, he is about to fall until Callie swings her rope and saves him. After that, everyone swings on to Callie's noodle lasso to get across the dangerous bridge that Toby almost fell off of. Then, Callie decides to use the money from the golden nugget to fix the bridge. Then, she heads off to the bank to find out what her nugget's worth. But on the way, Callie needs to help Farmer Stinky with the cattles so she asks the rest to watch over her nugget. Then, they play the song "Count On Us". But before watching the nugget, they have to find a safe place to store the nugget. They decide to put it in Peck's pocket a few seconds before they find out that the nugget's missing. Then, Callie comes back and they're worried that they'll be caught not watching over the nugget. When Callie asks where the nugget is, Peck and Toby are worried since they lost the nugget. Then, they decide they'll fetch the nugget from its "hiding place" and they get lucky enough to where Callie takes a short break with Sparky. Then, the prairie dogs sing a song about lies. Then, Peck and Toby decide to try to find a nugget just like Callie's in the same place Callie found her nugget. Then, they find something looking like the nugget, except for: it's not the nugget. They paint it gold and plan to lie to the Sheriff again! So, they do that exact same thing by telling Callie that the nugget was protected. So, Callie shares the news about her planning to repair the bridge. But when the nugget went in water, the paint disappears. She finally realizes that they painted the nugget gold. While Peck and Toby admitted that they lost her nugget, Peck admits that lying about losing her nugget was all his idea. She tells Peck and Toby that she's not mad at them for losing the gold nugget, but she is mad at Peck because he lied to her. Callie teaches Peck another lesson: always be honest no matter what. Then, they talk through where they last seen the nugget. And then, the nugget appears under Peck's hat. Then, she shows the new and improved bridge.


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