• HirePups&Collachdude!


    May 19, 2015 by HirePups&Collachdude!

    Just wondering, is there a fannon wiki  For the show? 

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  • RoseyLaly28

    Hello guys...Well, Because it is 2015,the developers of the show is making new episodes. So let's work together so we can make this wiki awesome and detailed

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  • RoseyLaly28

    Hey guys! We should invite our friends who watches this show to edit or to join our wiki group so it can be more detailed. Hope you understand

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  • IvyLover

    We're introducing the blog posts feature now on this wiki.

    They are different than a typical article in that they are not intended to be a collaboratively written pieces of content, but instead a single user's composition. The idea is to create more of a community feel for a wikia, and give users more outlets for their endless creativity.

    Some examples of why a user would choose a blog article instead of a traditional wikia article:

    • Fan fiction and original work
    • Op-eds and personal stories
    • Articles that pose questions and solicit responses
    • Reviews, suggestions or recommendations

    Of course, it's entirely up to each wikia's community as to how it gets used.

    • To create a new blog post, go to the "Blog" tab on your user profile.
    • Click the "Create Blog …

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